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Design/Approve your artwork
If you have your own artwork, now is the time to send it to us. We prefer these file formats:
  Vector Files
  Raster Files
We prefer vector files over any other type. For information regarding the creation of vector files, refer to this website, or give us a call. Raster Files should be at least 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch).
Several free online resources are available to help you get started designing your artwork.
When we've received your artwork, our graphic artists will make mockups and email them back to you for approval. Any changes or modifications must be approved at least three days prior to printing.
If you don't have your own artwork, we have graphic artists available to help you create it. We offer 15 minutes of free art time for each project. You may work with our artists:
In Person
Over the Phone
or by Email
If we feel that your artwork will be time intensive or difficult, we will contact you to discuss an hourly art charge.
Artwork must be approved at least 3 days before your scheduled print date, or we may need to reschedule your project.